Lessons from God in 2018

To end off this year I wanted to reflect on what God has taught me in 2018. He has pushed me a lot this year and I will forever be grateful for that.

This year was definitely a transition period for me in many different ways. At the beginning of the year it was the second semester of my senior year of high school. And I had a lot of time on my hands. I was home a lot of the time by myself, because I didn’t have class all day. During this time, I really began to dig deeper into the Word, and He pushed me to learn more about ministering to others.

At this point I had decided that I was majoring in Discipleship Studies at Gardner-Webb and therefore, had to explain this to many people. Senior year brings along with it the questions about your future from everybody in your life. It took a lot out of me to tell people what I wanted to do when I knew their reaction would not be encouraging. In this way, I began to become more brave or bold in my calling.

There were many times this year when God encouraged me in the simplest of ways. I recall one time sitting in the Barnes & Noble Starbucks and there was a group of older people have a little meeting at the table next to me. They were talking about their church and how to change their approach to reaching more people. This moment may not sound like much, but during this time in my life I felt so tired and bored with the classes I was taking. I just felt they were so pointless and unconnected to what I want to do in my life. But, this little moment encouraged me to keep going because I was so close to getting to the classes that were related to the calling God had placed on my life.

This year I moved into college and yet again this was a transition. Since I started at Gardner-Webb I have had a lot more time alone. It can be hard sometimes to be alone with your thoughts. Through this time, I began to learn more about having personal conversations with God. Really asking Him to reveal what He is trying to teach me in certain seasons.

He has also taught me to see the value of the people He has placed in my life. I started learning that God puts people in your life for a reason. He places people in your life to encourage you, but also to challenge and teach you.

I’ve definitely learned to appreciate the little things He has blessed me with. Coffee on a rainy day. Late nights with friends. Chick-fil-a close to my dorm. He has also shown me how to appreciate His way of encouraging me in the little things. So many times this semester He has just hit me with encouragement with a beautiful sunset or the perfect song at the time I really need it.

I’ve learned to be appreciative of the season I am in. I know a lot of us spend more time dreaming about the future as opposed to being present in the current. I’ve learned how important it is to see the value in my current season of life.

He has taught me how to work through confusing and complicated concepts. I’ve learned to trust His process in revealing the truths in these concepts that can be overwhelming at times.

He continued to teach me how to listen to the messages He wants me to share. It amazes me how He can reveal messages to you in everyday things.

In 2018 God has taught me so many things that I’ve probably missed a few. It is awe-inspiring when you start to realize all the ways He teaches you things through your life.

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