His Presence

Am I the only one that at times I know He is there, but you lack a feeling of His presence?

Sometimes I find myself going through life acknowledging His goodness in my mind, but I can’t feel Him around me.


Do you find yourself getting that overwhelming feeling in a church service on Sunday that makes you feel unexplainably connected to Him, then go through the rest of the week with nothing comparable to that feeling?  The fact of the matter is we have to really look for His presence in our daily lives.


When we’re in a church service and just focusing on Him and His Word we are connecting to Him.  We even sometimes feel detached during quiet times.  It’s not that we aren’t trying to learn about Him, but we just don’t feel His presence.


Feeling His presence is different for all of us.  For example, there are many times when I find myself in little coincidences that just make me smile, because I know they aren’t just coincidences.  These little things happen so often it cannot be just me making this up.  Usually these moments happen when I am listening to worship music.


I was just enjoying one of my favorite worship songs and started swaying to the music and as soon as I unconsciously started swaying the word “swaying” blasts through the speaker.

I was sitting at a stoplight in a turn lane.  Again, I had the Christian jam going and as soon as the word “arrow” came out of the speaker and hit my ear the arrow turned green.


These little moments like this happen so often to me.  How very regular have these little “word connections” become that I don’t find it surprising when I will be reading the Bible, have quiet worship music going on in the background, and occasionally the exact word I read is the exact word that is sang at the same time in the song.


But, there are sometimes when He just hits you with a warm embrace on a car ride home from dropping your sister off from school.  Sometimes I decide to take the scenic route home since it goes past my grandmother’s old house that I spent so much time at growing up.  This morning I was feeling so emotional for some reason because I had so much on my mind that I wish I could just stop by for breakfast and talk about what I am passionate about and what I want to do with her.  And the next worship song that came on right as I went by her house was all about how He is always there for us when we are going through difficult and trying times.


When I was trying to figure out what college I wanted to go to I kept going back and forth between three very different schools.  There was one school in particular that I just had a certain feeling about it.  I thought I would fall in love with it.  I loved everything I saw but there were some aspects of the tour that just threw me off.  But I still had this feeling about it.  So, I toured again, but this time I had a long time of prayer just asking Him to show me whether this is where I was supposed to go or not. I absolutely fell in love with this school.  Without having His presence presenting me with that thought or feeling that I was supposed to better I would not have given it a second chance. These little pieces of His presence come in all shapes and sizes and I think it is important to know that although something small may happen this is still His presence with you even if it is not extravagant and beaming with inspiration.


My main point is you have to recognize these things as coming from Him.  These little moments are different for everyone, but I think it is very important to just bask in the fact that you can find His presence daily if you open your eyes to it.


“You reveal the path of life to me; in your presence is abundant joy; at your right hand are eternal pleasures.”

Psalms 16:11 (CSB)

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  1. Misty o'Brien says:

    This is so true. It’s hard sometimes to feel His presence in our hectic days. It’s important to take note of those small moments as well as the big ones. He is ever present!!!

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