Lately (and by lately, I mean for the past couple months), I’ve just been stuck in a rut.  Most of this I attribute to the fact that I have been taking general education requirement classes at the community college.  (In a program where I take college courses along with high school classes, and last semester of senior year I am on campus. Blah. Blah. Blah.) I am going to be very blunt by telling you that I did not care for them at all.  I am happy that I got them out of the way, but I did not enjoy these classes.

At a certain point in the semester (not very late into the semester) I got very tired with these classes, hence the beginning of a rut.

Along with the characteristic of restlessness that I had assumed, I found it difficult to find the time for the daily time in the Word I so desperately need and endlessly love.

Plus, (here comes a biggie) my family and I are on the hunt for a church home.  This has sadly not been a complete success thus far. Generally, this has put a lot of indirect stress on me. Church is so important to me.  That feeling when you’re worshipping your Father in Heaven and you’re taken aback by His overwhelming love.  Or you’re really digging deep into the Word and the tears to well up in your eyes, because He is just so, so, so good.  Over these past couple months, I have honestly become discouraged by the fact that we haven’t found our new church home.  But I am truly grateful for this time because it is teaching me many things.

Something interesting has happened because of this experience, I’ve realized what I find most important, in my opinion, for Biblical teaching. I won’t go into details, but He has hit me with some important facts.  This has been quite the time to learn to appreciate the present.

Also, the most obvious factor of this slump is the fact that I am graduating in a couple short weeks from high school. Which leads to the loss of motivation at the highest degree I have ever experienced.

On top of this I have been stressed about scholarships.  One of the most stressful processes I’ve ever gone through (multiple times).  It is a lot and I would prefer not to talk about this topic.

But, on a happy note I feel like I am starting to grow a lot and the past couple months have been filled with important and exciting times.  I’ve been spending a lot of time with family and honestly, it’s what I look forward to everyday.  Most definitely going to miss this special and loving family of mine when I start college in the fall.  Speaking of college, I got to make a visit or two to my future home over the past couple months.  (If you haven’t noticed already, I’m very excited to start this new period of my life at a place that I am in love with.)

So, the past couple months have been very overwhelming mentally, but an important time of growth (praise Him).  He’s been teaching me to appreciate the time that I am in.  I’m looking forward to writing and sharing more, because it makes my heart so happy.  So I hope and pray for you to try to appreciate the time that you are in because it is important in His plan.

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